I recently started using Streaks and have already developed a few good new habits…

I was not reading at all, sure, we all read a lot of news, Social Media, articles. But how often do you actually read a book? I first thought 10 minutes was a ridiculously small goal, but it has been about a month and four books later that I realised I wasn’t reading any fiction / non fiction book material. This will be bumped to 25 minutes this week I think.

I have lost 6 kg without trying too hard, am not the healthiest person and sometimes I am unable to make 3000 steps or get out into the world, I set the bar low at 1000 and have gently eased up to 3 now. Ideally I should be doing 10,000 ASAP.

The latest habit I want to begin is writing, and this is the first piece. I aim to write about 500–1000 words a day, which is a soft target and I won’t bother counting. I just hope that I have something interesting enough to share, I think I’m digging myself into a bad hole right now…

The only missing feature in streaks is a Mood Graph where good and bad days could be mapped out. The developers may have taken this out as it could make your mood drop further.

If you decide to try this out, set your target bar very low. After a month you will have many new good habits and hopefully start new creative exploits that you might be neglecting due to myriad modern pressures. You can complete six a day though. Start now!


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