Self sabotage, Writer’s block…

So I made my fateful post 4 days ago, and set a goal which was semi-unattainable, which then drove me into a sort of spiral. The whole point of the Streaks app is not to make you spiral / feel bad, it is to gently form habits, motivate you and improve what you currently accomplish per day. After making the post, I coincidentally had a very bad weekend and ended up breaking all my streaks, realised that one of the most easy had become habit, and switched them around slightly.

I have always loved to write, and thought that this soft goal of 500–1000 words a day would help me to get things down, possibly improve my writing and ideally having an audience that actually reads your material is a terrific booster- which is why I am shifting all the useful and non obsolete articles from my old blog to here.

Had a nightmare trying to set up DNS so that some URL’s would point to this Medium Publication, so for now it is the quick-and-dirty http redirect until Medium Support are able to work out what exactly is up with my Dynadot DNS settings or maybe I have been making mistakes, I used to “do the DNS” daily as a junior sysadmin, and much prefer editing the files directly instead of horrible web forms that restrict or make assumptions about what you want, and force you into non ideal or non working configurations.. Thank you Luke Esterkyn for your patience, and I hope those PDF’s help us solve this one!

I haven’t got any magic tricks that solve Writer’s Block, just the obvious tips which can really help kick you along:

  • Set times, set yourself a 25–30 minute period to write in, and as soon as you hit that limit, take a break. The break can be 5 minutes, it can be an hour of gaming, as long as it is something you enjoy and is not other work, you will help focus yourself.
  • Go for a walk, observe the world around you. This is good for your eyes, mind, body, the lot! Can’t go wrong!
  • Music, right now i’m listening to the lovely sounds of metal-on-metal grinding away at a huge construction site nearby. It is sort of like a abstract modern composition though, if it was bothering me, I would put on some headphones and listen to some music that you enjoy.
  • Read. I would advise reading a book, but if you prefer catching up on news or other web based, comic based, or other stuff like Twitter or Social Media, go right ahead. You might find inspiration in the strangest places.
  • Speak to your loved ones, your family, your friends.
  • Make a bulleted list, so you can chart out a bunch of random advice, and really make that piece look fleshed out.

Most importantly, if you have six goals a day, and you are able to hit them easy, raise the bar. If you aren’t hitting any of them, you are possibly damaging yourself or making yourself feel guilty for “not accomplishing enough,” this will not help you. Set the word count at 100, steps at 500, read for 5 minutes. Soon you will easily be doing a multiple of those amounts without even breaking a sweat.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my 5th grade teacher, Mr Rochstein. Every day the first thing we would have to do was write an article. It could be fiction, current events, editorial, whatever. He was a gruff teacher but very intelligent; he worked out a system where if the writing was of good quality, or an A, you would not have to write for the next week.

Great quality, or AAA meant no more writing for a month; this meant that you were really striving for the quality, not quantity.

“Macintosh 128k transparency” by w:User:Grm wnr — Modifications of Image:Macintosh 128k.jpg and w:Image:Macintosh 128k No Text.jpg. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons —

As all the kids wanted to be playing Shufflepuck Cafe on this beast of a machine that sat in the corner of the classroom while the rest wrote out their morning Topics, you did all that you could to get at least an A.

Now I have distracted myself, and I must go to find a working copy of Shufflepuck that will run on OSX 10.11 or iOS 9.

Update – circles complete, streaks too. 🙂


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