Still think you need a PC to do real work? It is 2016, you have ample power in your phone.

The old design was looking a “little tired” and bare; I had used geometry software to design it, and apart from the three letters it could be expressed as a formula.

I started by semi / roughly recreating our existing logo, then started adding elements.

Trying a few, it got way too busy.

In the end, it didn’t fit with the minimalist, speedy nature of our corp site, this absolute minimal design ended up winning. Sent it to the team for feedback with the other 8, and it was the chosen.

Sometimes simple is best. And this is very easy to flip around in the future, and does t have the “scary cult like illuminati” quality the old logo had. Even better, I did this all right on my iPhone and didn’t use anything more complex than Letterglow by @TheLensLab. Usually I would use or recommend Sketch.

Now I’m on a redesign kick, that site could really do with some too…


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