Will Twitter wreck the magic with Algorithmic Timelines?

This weeks’ Election news and Superbowl might show up any glaring issues…

Photo by Abigail Keenan

Twitter Public Policy seems to have angered most-all of their frequent users by announcing a new Algorithmic feed instead of the reverse-chronological order that most are familiar with.

Facebook has used algorithmic feeds for many years now, I am not a user any more but it used to annoy me a lot — you would typically see the same 5–10 peoples news feeds, and nobody elses. Friends in different time zones, and many other seemingly random things prevented items from showing up in your feed..

If Twitter implements this badly, starts putting in “you’re interested in tech so we have automagically added in all these tweets cause Computer Said So” it will be disastrous, and lead to a mass exodus. Done well, it might be similar to some of the decent streaming services prediction systems, Netflix does a fairly good job and so do many of the music ones; though many of these are curated by humans / semi curated, this would be near impossible for the total volume of twitter subscribers and the text based nature of tweets.

Anthony Delanoix

People are highly resistant to change, even positive changes are met with reluctance, changing long held habits and usage patterns is hard for the innovators. As a long time and active Twitter user I hope this is carried out well, and if it is “opt in” or out, or a setting it won’t be such a big deal. Every single time Facebook changes the layout, or any feature at all it seems to be a huge disaster, until the next one.

I hope that Twitter rides this out, stays true to original visions and doesn’t implode.. I doubt this will be their final straw, it is far more likely that a huge corporation or fund will snatch them up during a moment of stock weakness, and then shut them down or assimilate them into something awful..


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