The myth and reality of Valentine’s Day

Greg Rakozy

Every year, it seems that more people fall for the myth of Valentine’s Day. Usually for me it is friends who have just had their first “real” valentines day with a long term partner.. The way it is celebrated in the “west” now is a gross display, and most people that believe in the holiday end up sad, crying or disappointed in their partner at the least.

Some tragic things happened during the period almost a decade ago for me, so the holiday has extra pain for myself, and most of my family too.

  • Buy flowers, chocolates, jewellry or whatever your partner’s favourite things are, at random. Buy them today! Buy them next week..
  • Tell them how you feel every day, not just once a year. Some seem to feel that you can neglect your partner about 362~ days a year, Feb 14th, your anniversary and their birthday being the only times you treat them well and like your true one and only loved one. This is messed up!

If this is your first valentines with a new partner, let them know what you expect, and possibly have a small reality check; or you may find that both of you want to go Skydiving instead of your standard fancy dinner, flowers etc.— last year it fell on a weekend and my wife and I spent the day Geocaching, it was unconventional and if weather permits, we will probably do the same this year.

The most important message here is, find out what your partner really wants ( if you don’t already know!) and try to do this every day, or as much as time and budget permits, you should be showing your love all day, every day. And if you are single right now, spend the day with someone else you love!

Vladimir Kudinov

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