My dad’s beer will beat your dads

Some of the home brews my dad did very well… And some really taught you a lesson.

Dad didn’t have a sense of smell, so when he cooked a curry or anything else, it was often extremely tasty. His home brew was no exception…

Roksolana Zasiadko

Cherry Beer was a pleasant one, the sort of colour you would expect, and similar in ways to Kriek which I tried much later on at a Belgian Beer Cafe. Dark Red, and strong alcoholic content, very sweet to drink. Definitely one for winter not for an Aussie summer day or BBQ.

Padurariu Alexandru

Coffee Beer. Not sure if this carried the caffeine across, was like a proto-4-loko I guess! I’ve never tried 4 Loko before but I would put money down that this is a lot nicer, probably a lot better for you too.

Matthew Pilachowski

Garlic beer was exactly how you would imagine, not a bad beer, strong and with a hint of garlic aftertaste.. Unconventional, not a big winner but no scary downsides… Probably went well with spaghetti and italian food in general.

Colin McMurry

Chilli Beer was one of the best, very smooth and tasty lager. Then came the burning. This beer was deceptive, great for hot weather, but if you run out of cold water or beer the burning is strong.. Much like the photo above it would be wise to have lime or lemon on hand if your taste buds start to really hurt. If I ever have kids, I’ll make sure my beer fridge is stocked fully with strong chilli beer in case of theft.

I will have to search his brewing shed for recipes, not sure if he kept any or just made up as he went along. I was too young to remember all the exact details, I just remember strange odours, stranger thermometer-looking measuring devices and occasional booms when the bottles burst if the mix wasn’t quite right.


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