The Extreme Reactions to No Man’s Sky

The game is polarising the players and wowing reviewers

Galactic Map

Hype and marketing, expectations and early videos

Many of the features and aspects of the game were shown in 2013 and obviously certain parts have been adjusted, maybe for technical reasons, some for ease of play, and I bet a few for game stability too.

Some of the “missing features” may not have been discovered yet, the game has been out for barely one week so far, and from what we all see with modern game release schedules, much of the content may be patched in soon as upgrades, or worse for most, as DLC.

I usually avoid previews, movie trailers and synopses as much as possible, not going in with expectations is a great way to actually enjoy something, rather than looking out for stuff to complain about.

A bespoke game for each and every user

Some want Eve, others a Star Wars or even Call of Duty with spaceships. Others were expecting a peaceful, serene space exploration game. People have dubbed it “Space Minecraft” for the resource mining elements of the game, and cannot stand grinding or managing resources.

I do not enjoy the resource limitations and would love if they had difficulty settings so you could turn off worrying about life support and shields, not have to fight robots etc.

A Drone catches you

Destiny suffers a similar sort of issue – the game was marketed as a space adventure game with some battles, but ended up being a “WoW in Space” which I myself was quite disappointed with, if I had paid money for it I would’ve been a lot more vocal, and probably participated in some of the more whiny or extreme threads on the internet where people are actually accusing Hello Games and Sean Murray of being a con artist!

Unless you are a game modification expert or fairly skilled, and have it on PC you are at the mercy of the publisher to make these decisions for you, on the PC version many user created patches have sprung up and are trying to fix certain aspects that they see as broken.


I can’t write about this without referring back to Spore, by EA. This game promised a Civilisation style game, which starts you off playing as an amoeba or spore-creature, which you then evolve into something else, and eventually end up in space.

This game was heavily marketed and the expectations were extremely high, when it was released all the people I knew who were excited about it were extremely disappointed at the final product. Though No Man’s Sky seems to be even more polarising – I know quite a few people that have returned it without giving it a “fair go” in my opinion, playing less than 30 mins, understandably disappointed as they had different expectations which were not fulfilled either.

spore on metacritic

The critic reviews compared to the User reviews is quite opposed, with 0 “professional” reviewers giving it a negative score, and 369 negative user reviews.

No Man’s Sky is quite similar, though there’s a marked difference between the PS4 and the PC reviews:



The critics of the PC version at best are “mixed” where the PS4 critics are half positive, half mixed, no negatives. User reviews are quite similar to spore though almost equal at the moment, with 579 positive, and 447 negative – 128 mixed now, but when I first peeked at the meteoritic site it was extreme, 0/10 or 10/10 across the board.

It will be interesting to watch Metacritic over the next few weeks and months as people confirm that some of the missing elements are indeed in the game, and as certain stuff is patched or upgraded. I am going to take my time to appreciate the planets I’ve found so far, and not rush into the centre as most of the disappointed players seem to have done. I think that a lot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised once they relax and start to take in the fun and artistic aspects of the game.

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