Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Shipping Halted; Fire and Exploding units reported.

Samsung’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Phone

Samsung has been forced to halt shipments of their newest flagship phone, as now it is posing a danger to life and property. A safety recall has not been issued as of yet, but I would not charge one inside my home or office without close monitoring. Advise anyone you know to do the same – or to return for refund until Samsung can vouch that it will not explode or catch fire whilst charging.

The Snapdragon 820 based model has performed terribly in tests against similarly configured phones, less battery life than claimed, uncomfortably hot for a phone and shocking performance issues vs their other Exynos powered phone. Benchmarks have not been Kind to the phone, and there is a video of the Edge 7 vs an iPhone 6S – which has been on sale for almost an entire year now, where the iPhone actually Laps the Edge using a real life test mode instead of benchmarks. Many users then decided to import the Exynos variant to the USA so they could get the better phone…

The Exynos 8890 is now suffering other issues, Boot Loop ( where the device will not actually present the GUI or login screen, basically as if you are pressing the reset button over and over again on a computer. Others are reporting “bricking” where the device becomes a Brick; a piece of material that does not function, or switch on at all – great for making a wall!

A hashtag #brickgate has emerged.

If you notice the phone swell up, get the unit somewhere less combustible (concrete, sand, away from water and flammable objects) do not attempt to pick it up with your bare hands; use oven mitts or tongs.

Strange graphic glitches, scrambled screens, and any attempts to sort with Recovery or Safe Mode apparently worsen the glitches. A final round of quality checks may have been skipped, if there were any at all.

On the Exynos version you can expect at least a “few days” of normal use before these bugs become impossible to ignore, if your phone doesn’t outright ignite or explode. PhoneArena’s review unit has the lot; scrambled screen, random crashes and freezes, all attempts at software recovery have failed, and if it is not a firmware issue, then it may be the actual hardware. Percentage of users with faulty models is unknown as of yet. From reports they seem to only ignite or explode while charging, so you don’t need to panic about carrying it, or using Iris Scan features and holding close to your face.

Do Not use the iris scanner function while charging

Lithium batteries are quite volatile, and if they catch on fire or are pierced by some sort of accidental damage, they can and will explode or at the least, swell up like a balloon. If you notice your Samsung is warping or inflating, I would grab a fire blanket or at least some tongs, and get it away from your family, property or anything flammable.

No Airlines have commented yet, if you recall the Exploding Dell Battery issue, which was mostly Dell laptops at the time, but there were some incidents like the ThinkPad exploding just before takeoff – lucky it was before and not during the flight! I would advise Edge 7 owners to make sure the battery is at 0%, drained before takeoff, and check it in as potentially dangerous cargo section of the plane if you have not returned the unit already.

Remember this has not happened to any of the Snapdragon CPU phones, only the Exynos so most of the USA market is OK.

Not a good way to use the device until Samsung Exynos gives the “all clear”

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