Nuclear Test in North Korea Officially confirmed – breaking

All air traffic is currently giving North Korea a wide berth.. The DMZ/MOA at the start, now the entire nation.

What a time to be a Pilot… image credit – thanks

Nuclear analysts are saying this appears to be a “hydrogen Boosted” Nuclear device, not a full H-Bomb which would be a scary development for everyone outside North Korea. DPRK claims that this warhead can be mounted to one of their missiles, extremely concerning to Japan and most neighbours of North Korea.

North Korea/DPRK official statement

North Korea Officially confirms their nuclear test approximately 3 hours ago

Air Units returning to OSAN ATC are reporting “Code 2 equipment” ( meaning Damaged, or Malfunctioning)

Air Force One is heading to DC right now, possibly related to Korean incidents

BREAKING – OSAN airport reports “multiple Bogeys” multiple aircraft scrambled. Unclear if any conflict occuring though radio silence is now in effect. DMZ declared a “Military Operation Area” / MOA

internet AWACS Major Incident Node activated at JestersCourt.

Measured 5.3 on the richter scale

Minutes ago, an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the scale was measured near their border with China.Most likely at the Punggye-Ri nuclear test site, as they had conducted a test last on January the 6th, 2016.

Comparison with the January Test – looks extremely similar

Image Thanks to Andy Frassetto of IRIS

USGS page

Nuclear Experts are estimating a 10-20 kiloton size, 0.2 greater than their last test, that indicates twice as much energy. It might be a better design than their last one. Cannot be determined exactly until more details are released. Once the iris data is released we can work out what sort of advancements have been made, or if it was just tested at a different altitude to the last one.
Yonhap (South Korea) news agency suspects a test.

More details as they emerge.cr38vrlxyaafylh-jpg-large

Inchon Plot (data from South Korea)



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