Apple Watch Nike+

Apple Watch Series 2 & Exclusive Nike Sport Bands; they look extremely Breathable


Exclusive Nike faces, ala the Hermes Apple Watch

I have a “standard” Apple Watch, and the Hermes and Nike faces are not available for me; I don’t like them, but I Want the option to use them, as i’m “locked out of the exclusive club.” The best marketing is “You Can’t Have this!

Extremely Breathable, not sure on the colour combination for myself though…

Australia, or where I live in Melbourne this year I was not able to wear my Milanese Loop band, or the Leather until the middle of winter, the ML for one evening event where the formal nature looked good, and the leather for a wedding. Now I am back onto the nylon bands as our “one week of sub 10c” winter is over. These Nike bands look great for jogging and working out in our humid or hot weather, and also for swimming.

The Perfect Running Companion

The Apple Watch Sport edition truly is the best for Sport, and this Nike edition takes it one extra step with the bands. The Steel models are far too heavy and the formal bands are not for exercise and especially not swimming.


Nike+ Run Club

I am not sure if the Nike+ Run Club app will be exclusive to the Nike+ Watch, appears to share many of the new Activity Sharing features already on watchOS3, I would appreciate if it is available but if not, activity sharing is quite adequate for me and my “fitness club” – similar features such as encouragement, ribbing and the subtle motivator of beating Greg, that guy who always runs 10km more than the rest of the club. The Nike+ Run Club also tells you weather conditions though that is all over the watch and phone too. Daily or timely auto run and workout reminders may help some keep their exercise regime regular.



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