North Korea – Massive Flooding

A Week-Long deluge in the NE of the DPRK has caused widespread damage, soldiers have been mobilised to help assist and repair, rescue civilians.


Tens of Thousands of buildings, at least 60 deaths, and at least 50,000 homeless in the North Hamgyong province along the Tumen River, which is near the border with China and Russia.

A Typhoon hit the province, destroying nearly 20,000 homes, also hitting “Onsong, Kyongsong, Kyongwon, Yonsa and Hwadae counties of the province as well as some parts of Ryanggang Province including Taehongdan County” according to the KCNA.

Daily NK, in Seoul has some pictures of the damage, rivers and floods hitting second floors and rooves of buildings. While the regime celebrated their successful boosted Nuclear test, their fellow countrymen were literally drowning. North Korea has always prioritised their military and nuclear programs over feeding, clothing and housing of their population.


Chinese media is carrying many images of North Korean civilians being rescued as some have been stranded on “islands” newly created by the floods (in Chinese)


In other related news, South Korea – “the entirety of Pyongyang will be reduced to ashes, using ballistic missiles and High Explosive Shells if there is any sign of an imminent nuclear attack upon South Korea.”

Attending Roundtable Luncheon Hosted by U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Park Geun-hye 

Sick of the DPRK not respecting sanctions and the DPRK literally finding the sanctions “Highly Laughable” the South Korean government made this quite alarming promise to the North Korean Regime.


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