Major News Headlines – 15 September 2016

Two Trains collide in Pakistan

At least 6 killed, more than 100 injured. Near Multan, Pakistan a passenger train collided with a Freight train.

Explosion on Indonesian Boat near Bali

Two people confirmed dead, and at least 13 injured when a boat catches fire. The cause is still unclear, with bomb squad investigating if it’s an intentional explosion.

Arrest made in connection to fire at a mosque in Florida

A 32 year old man has been arrested and is facing charges of Arson, and hate crimes. The mosque was where Omar Mateen, the “nightclub gunman” attended regularly.


Gmail Outages cause frustration

Mostly affecting eastern Europe and the United States, the services went down for corporate users, most personal accounts are OK.

Samsung Edge 7 may also have an exploding battery

A Man in california has sued Samsung after his phone ignited in pocket, melting his pants into his thigh and burning his hand.

“heard a whistling and screeching sound and noticed his pocket vibrating and moving around, as well as thick smoke ascending from his pocket,”

Another incident in the UK is being investigated too, where an S7 exploded in a teachers hands at a cafe in England.

Uber’s first robot car hits Philadelphia, worries Uber Drivers


The Cars do not need to sleep, and can use machine learning or pattern recognition to prime themselves for rush hour and other events.


All iPhone 7 Plus stock has sold out


The Jet Black iPhone 7 is also out of stock, and many pre orders of the black models have been pushed back weeks, and even months for some that took “too long” to order on the apple store.


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