The Grand Tour, premieres November 2016 on Amazon

The highly anticipated show will return on the 18th of November, new episodes released every Friday (every friday forever and ever please!) Exclusively for Amazon Prime members. A deal for 36 episodes, spread over 3 seasons has been signed.

The Three Wise Men

After the BBC’s terrible choices, firing the Three Guys, and replacing them with plastic face, Joey from Friends and um uh..

Large Image_33.jpg
NOT Captain America
The Worst Dimension

No seriously.. I don’t honestly recall now, that never happened, deleted that from my brain and history… Sabine and the other guys tried valiantly to save the dead horse, but it had been beaten far too much.

After six terrible episodes, where ratings declined steadily against Chris Evans’ boasting that they would out do some of the best previous Top Gear ratings, both Chris and Joey left the show for good. As an ex fan of Top Gear it is quite sad honestly, but the core of the show lives on, albeit by another name. Now that Top Gear’s worst series is done, I wonder what the BBC will do, their loss, Jeff Bezos’ and the true hosts gain.

“ All I would like to say is I wish people would leave Ois alone, because none of this is his fault.” – Jeremy Clarkson

The man behind the suspension and firing of Jeremy Clarkson has quit the BBC, and many of the others responsible too. The BBC went along with a personal, ongoing war between Danny Cohen and Jeremy Clarkson, with many inside and out shocked at some of the rhetoric. The peak was probably when they slandered him, comparing his “protection” and friends in high places with the notorious pedophile and rapist, Jimmy Saville. Clarkson had punched one of the Top Gear producers in a now infamous incident, who had no interest in filing assault charges. The producer felt immense guilt, then had to hide out as many blamed him, and sent him actual death threats as they believed it was his fault for Jeremy’s suspension and later firing. Oisin has since returned to work at the BBC for another program, and Jeremy Clarkson has since apologised for the stupidity.

The Guys in Portugal

“Customers have been desperate to find out when they can watch their favorite team back on screen, so we are very excited to announce the launch date of one of the most globally anticipated shows of 2016,” – Jay Marine, Amazon.


Most likely intentional, the new shows’ initials will be “G.T.” Interesting move, a nod to the old show, may it rest in peace, and one of the nicest car models; a Grand Tourer (from the Italian phrase “Gran Turismo”) the large, powerful and comfortable car that you want to traverse whole continents. A fitting name for an established team of car aficionados.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Fans of the real Top Gear should be pleasantly suprised, from pictures it appears like they have kept their winning formula, touring interesting places, in interesting cars, and having a good old friendly fight along the way..



In about 8 weeks, we shall see the new show, for now there is a teaser video up on Amazon – click here to check it out!


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