Debate Night – 1st Presidential Debate

The potential First Man and First Ladies greet the crowd
Moderator Lester Holt Enters, and is explaining the rules, thanks crowd.
Mark Cuban sighted, and some other random celebrities who must be there for The Donald


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump enter the stage…

Lester wishes them both good luck.
First section:


Achieving Prosperity

Hillary takes the first spot, she wants equal salaries no more sexual discrimination in the workplace.
Close corporate tax loopholes, share in profits for all employees.
Clinton politely addresses Donald Trump, he shrugs off the greeting.

Trump “our jobs are fleeing our country, China is devaluing their currency; using our country as a piggy bank”
Thousands of jobs are leaving our country, “Hillary and I agree on that” – She Laughs.
He plans to reduce taxes to stop companies “leaving the country and firing all the workers” “renegotiate our trade deals to stop these countries stealing our jobs”

Clinton “We need to have smart, fair trade deals, and a tax system that rewards Work instead of financial transactions” #trumpedUp

Trump “my father gave me a very small amount”
“How will you bring companies back into the country?” – Lester asked, Trump is dodging the question.
Lester Interrupts Trump’s rant “how are you going to bring the jobs back?!”
Hillary “The last recession was caused by your old, trickle down policies.” “Donald rooted for the housing crisis in 2006, as he would profit from it”

Trump interrupts “that’s just business”


Hillary cites exact figures on jobs, and money lost.”

“You will disadvantage the middle class, and lose at least 3 and a half million jobs, and another recession”

She is touting clean energy, solar as a way to create new jobs, rather than resisting the science on Global Warming and blaming china.

Trump “I’m a great believer in all forms of energy” and repeating his same tired talking points.
He is blaming Obama, and Hillary for the past 30 years of economic turmoil now.

Hillary “manufacturing jobs and the economy was in a boom during my husband’s time as President.”
We increased USA exports by 30%, and I know how to work to get exports and new jobs that will create more new jobs” Trump interrupts. “Ohio, new england, Pennsylvania yells about NAFTA and TPP”


“I know you live in your own personal reality” – Hillary


“YOU HAVE NO PLAN” Donald Yells
“My tax cut is the biggest since Ronald Reagan, and you will destroy business”

“I’m going to cut regulations big league, and taxes big league” Donald
Donald tries to speak over Lester Holt, rants about ISIS. “You’re telling the enemy what you’re going to do.” “you’ve been fighting ISIS your ENTIRE adult life” ““It’s probably 5 TRILLION DOLLARS” – trump ”


Clinton “I feel like I’m going to be blamed for Everything, and this is crazy.”

Lester stops Donalds rude interruption.
Hillary Continues after, calling his new policies a “Trump Loophole”
Trump cannot resist interrupting again.

Trump continues looping his same tired points. “We are in a big, fat, ugly bubble” “The Fed is doing political” “Obama will be at the golf course for the rest of his life” um.


Lester brings him into line yet again “we were talking about taxes, why have you not released your tax returns yet?”

“I don’t mind, after a routine audit I will release them” – Trump
Claims to have made “694 Million in income”
“We are being ripped off by every country in the world”
He attempts to interrupt the Moderator again.
“I will release my tax returns, against my lawyers wishes, I will release them as soon as Hillary releases her 30,000 emails.” #loop

“we have seen a classic Bait n Switch here” – Hillary shuts down Trump.
“1st he is not as rich as he claims
2nd maybe he is not as charitable
3rd We don’t know All his dealings, but know he owes about $650 Million to foreign banks
4th Maybe he does not want the American People to know just how little tax he pays.” – Clinton

She is citing IRS and other financial reasons that Donald must release his tax returns, and that she does not believe he will ever release his tax returns.
Hillary owns her email mistake, and Trump seems quite angered. “That was not a mistake that was done purposefully”


“You learn more from financial disclosure than tax returns” – Donald Trump
“my friends tell me” “i could give you a list of banks” “very fine banks, institutions.” “I have a tremendous income!” “Our airports are like a third world country”
“We have become a third world country” – Donald Trump

Hillary “if your main claim is that you are a good businessman, we need to have a serious look at that” “I’ve met so many people who have been stiffed by your ‘businesses’ who you have refused to pay when they finish the work.” “we have an architect in this very audience who you have not paid.

“Maybe he didn’t do a good job!” – Trump Protests

Hillary “I’m glad my father never worked with you, as we would have been robbed” “you call yourself the king of debt” “sometimes there is not a direct transfer of skills to government” “sometimes what happens in business though, will be bad for government”

Trump “anywhere in the world beyond the United States it is an unbelievable company” “on occasion though some times we used laws there to not pay people” “taking advantage of the laws of the nation” “I take advantage of the laws of the nation”

He is boasting about opening a building near the White House in case he does not win.
“The Trump international is way under budget” – Trump


Race issue now

“Race remains a significant issue in our country” – Hillary Clinton “It determines how they are treated in the criminal justice system”
“we have to restore trust”
“work to make sure our police are well-trained and prepared”
“use force only when necessary, and respect the law and the law needs to respect human rights” – Clinton

Donald starts to speak about “law and order” “we need law and order” I “just got the endorsement from the Fraternal order of police”


“We have a situation where our inner cities, african americans and Hispanics are living in hell” – Trump
“Is this a war-torn country?” “We have to stop the violence” – Trump
“illegal immigrants have guns, and they shoot people” – Trump

Donald argues with the moderator about “stop and frisk” being racist or non constitutional.
“then 5 police officers were killed”

He cuts off the moderator “we need law and order in the inner cities” “African-American and Hispanic” yet again.

Hillary –  “Stop and Frisk is unconstitutional, and ineffective. I believe in comminity policing, and violent crime is 1/2 what it was in 1991, we do not want it to creep back up again”

“No more mandatory sentencing, private prisons in the federal system – I want to see this in the state system.” – Clinton
“there are too many military weapons on the streets, we need comprehensive background checks and keep high-powered weapons away from people on the terrorist/no fly list.” – Clinton

Lester Holt: “Do you believe the police are biased against the african american community?”

Trump – “We want to give certain rights to people on certain lists” “the NRA endorses me, very, very, very good people that (sic) protect the 2nd amendment” “we’ll help people get off the no fly list if they’re not meant to be on it” “You coined the phrase super-predator” “it was a terrible thing to say”
“We want to take guns away from gangs” “Stop and Frisk brought down the murder rate. A Tremendous impact on New York City’s murder rate”

Clinton “Murder rates have dropped under the current mayor”
Trump – “You’re wrong, check! check!”

Lester tries to bring the candidates back on to the topic of Race.

“the African-Amerians have been used and abused by democratic politicians for a hundred years” – Trump
“I have travelled all over, you chose to stay at home” – Trump / the crowd laughs at him”

I think he just criticised me for preparing for the debate,” incredulous Hillary states “And I have been preparing to be the President too.”

Donald keeps talking about Obama’s birth certificate, then mentions ISIS again.

“Nobody was caring much about it, but I was the one who got him to produce the birth certificate, and I think I did a good job!” – Trump
“She can’t bring back jobs, she can’t produce” “He should have produced it a long time ago” – Trump

Clinton “Just listen to what you heard” /Mic Drop

“He started his political activity, based upon a racist lie, that our first black president was not a US Citizen” – Clinton

Trump has a long record of being sued for racist behaviour, would not allow black people to live in his housing developments for a long time.

Michelle Obama “When they go low, we go high”

Clinton – “And Barack Obama went high, with all of Donald Trumps attempts to bring him down”
Trump alleges that Hillary circulated the infamous image of Obama in traditional Kenyan dress, attending a relatives wedding.

Trump says regarding being sued for racism “I settled that lawsuit with no admission of guilt” “I have nothing against anybody, african americans, muslims, they are a very successful club”
Next Segment:

Securing America

“Who is behind all the cyber attacks, and how can we fight it?”

Hillary answers first “some are commercial hacking groups, but increasingly we are seeing state organised attacks, most troubling from Russia; against all sorts of organisations in our country” “Donald seems to praise Putin a lot, yet he is one of the instigators of many of the hacks against our nation.”
We need to make it clear, whoever it is, we have much greater capacity to prevent state actors from getting into our information.

“We will defend the citizens of our country.” “I was so shocked when Donald invited Putin to hack into americans private information.” “Donald is unfit to be the commander in chief.”

Trump begins, deflecting the question. “I was endorsed by ICE and some generals” and 16000 border patrol agents. “I’ll take the admirals and generals any day over the hacks that have lead us into this mess”


“as far as the cyber I agree somewhat with Clinton” “It could have been Russia that hacked into the DNC, could have been a 400lb person on their bed!” – Trump






Clinton “I have put forth a plan to defeat ISIS, including going after them online”

We also need to intensify our airstrikes against ISIS, and encourage the Kurdish partners to attack them in their bases in Raqqa, Iraq and Syria.

Clinton “We need to go after Baghdadi like we did Bin Laden.”

“How will we prevent home grown attempts?” – Lester Holt

Donald deflects, accuses Obama and Clinton of letting ISIS form, “if we had just taken the oil we could have taken their primary income, in Iraq and Libya, which was also one of her disasters”


Clinton – “Donald trump advocated our actions in Libya and Iraq, and did business with Gaddafi at one stage too.”

Clinton – “George W. Bush planned the Iraq timeline, not Barack Obama.”

We are looking for every scrap of information to stop the home grown jihadis.

“We are working closely with the communities so we do not alienate and push away people into extremism” – Clinton




“The middle east is a complete mess” – Trump
“I’m a business person, I haven’t given lots of thought to NATO, the 28 members are not doing their fair share” – Trump not understanding the T in N A T O.


Lester Holt “You supported the war”

Trump “that is mainstream media nonsense”

Lester Holt “Why is .. Why

Trump “I was against”

Lester Holt “pl”

Trump “I SAID.. Very Lightly on an interview with Cavuto and Hannity about the economy which is more important than.. Sean Hannity Said, the other day, when he called me, that i was against.. Sean Hannity said very strongly that I was against the war” “I was against.. We should” /sic


“I have a much better temperament than she does!” – Trump “my strongest asset so far is my winning temperament”

Clinton “Wooh! O.K….” “Lets talk about 2 important issues, first NATO”
“Nato has a thing called article 5; attack one, attack all”

Hillary Clinton: It was only envoked once, during 9/11 when the other nations went to Afghanistan to fight by our side.
With regards to Iran, they were weeks away from having enough material to build a bomb. We sanctioned them, it wasn’t enough. So I spent a year and a half putting a tough coalition including Russia and China together, and we drove them to the negotiaton table. That is diplomacy. Shoot-first is not a good temperament for a head of state. His cavalier attitude about nuclear weapons is so troubling, it is threatening world safety.


“a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have access to nuclear codes” – Clinton

“Nuclear is the single greatest threat” – Trump

“South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Japan need to pay us more for our protection.” “We can’t defend Japan” – Trump

Next Section of debate – Lester asks about “First Strike policy” for nuclear weapons.


“You look at North Korea, China should solve that problem for us, China should go into North Korea” “Iran has power over North Korea, it was a terrible deal, they should have done something in respect to Yemen” – Trump

“It was not 400 million in cash, it was 1.7 Billion” “it will lead to nuclear problems” “Bibi Netanyahu is not a happy camper” – Trump

Clinton “Trump has a secret plan, the only secret, is that he has no plan” “I intend to be accountable, at home and abroad, and to stand up to bullies who try to destabilise the world”

Trump “I will tell you, Hillary will tell you to go to her website and read about how to defeat ISIS. They are in more and more states and nations”
Lester “Mr. Trump Please”
Trump “We can not be the policeman of the world”
Lester “We have just a few final questions…”
Trump “She could have taken care of these things in the last 10 years”
Lester “Earlier this month, you claimed that Hillary does not have a Presidential Look”
Trump lies “no I said STAMINA.” (he said look) “can you imagine we are defending Saudi Arabia?” “I don’t believe Hillary has the stamina.

Clinton “I will see how you go making deals”

Trump “the Iran deal, anything you can name, you can’t name a good deal she has made..”

Clinton “he tried to switch from looks to stamina, he has called women Pigs, Slobs and Dogs. That Pregnancy is a hassle to employers, and one of the worst things he said was that a woman in a beauty contest was ‘Ms Piggy’ then ‘Ms Housekeeping’ as she is Latina.

Trump mumbles arguments while she made the above statement.









Hillary “I will definitely respect the american people’s will – it’s about you, not us, your future and your country. Please vote, your future depends on it”

Trump “I want to make america great again. We are losing our jobs, people are pouring in, we deported 800 people the other day. They pushed the wrong button, but these people ended up becoming citizens. Actually it was 1800. If Hillary wins, I will respect it.


Lester Holt thanks the host university and both candidates, and regrets not being able to cover all the subjects.

The Candidates are now greeting their family and making their way out of the hall. People cheer for Hillary as she waves, and reach up to shake her hand.
NBC – “This was not a normal debate, this was surreal, it was clear both candidates did not lie to us about preperation” “Trump was very reactive, but almost impossible to understand what his point was”

Most of the commentators and audience seem to have given this debate to Hillary Clinton. She had the composure and the preparation to win this cleanly.



“We’ll know how the candidates feel tomorrow morning, the next debate is on October 4th, the Vice Presidential debates.” – NBC news team.


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