Police Fatally Shoot Black Man Near San Diego

Disabled man, shot while having a seizure and surrendering to El Cajon PD

In Yet another police shooting of an unarmed man, today the El Cajon Police Department fatally shot Afred Olango.
His sister had reportedly called the police as he was “acting erratically” potentially an interictal, or pre seizure state; walking around near traffic and needed to be helped. Instead, when the first officer arrived he pointed his gun at the man, as he was not complying with the officers demands. A second officer arrived and pointed a taser at Alfred, as he “rapidly reached into his pocket” and withdrew “an object” in what appeared to be a “shooting stance”… The second officer shot him with the Taser.

According to the Police he “did not have his hands up” when they shot him approximately 5 times with pistols. A person suffering from seizures would have extra reactions to being hit by a device which emulates the causes of most seizures, and potentially die from that alone.

Officers then attempted first aid on the man, he died from his wounds after arriving at the hospital.


Investigators on scene were provided with some footage from a witness, they are reviewing the video now. The only picture I have for this article is a still shot from that video, and no real conclusions can be made about that other than this is the still shot that the PD have decided to show first. It does not look good for Alfred, but once more video or frames come out, and investigators release more data we can make better judgements.


There are two eyewitness accounts, one says that Afred Olango had his hands raised in submission to the police when they shot him approximately 4 to 5 times, another that Alfred had one hand in his pocket when they saw the police arrive on scene. The El Cajon police are denying that his hands were raised when he was shot.


It would be very difficult to keep your hands raised or do anything voluntarily while having a seizure or being hit with a Taser.

This is an incapacitating device which sends electric currents into the victim and causes “neuromuscular incapacitation“.

Someone struck by a Taser experiences over-stimulation of sensory nerves and motor nerves, resulting in strong involuntary muscle contractions. Tasers rely on pain compliance, especially when used in “Drive Stun” mode, and are thus preferred by some law enforcement over non-Taser stun guns and other electronic control weapons.”

Requesting that someone comply with any orders after striking somebody with a Taser is just ridiculous, and the police departments need some serious training in the use of lethal, non lethal weapons and how to speak to people in mental distress or diabetic and low blood glucose or intoxicated states.

In North Carolina earlier this week a man with a Traumatic Brain Injury was shot dead by police there in quite similar circumstances.


Afred Olango is the 217th black person killed by United States police forces so far this year.


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