Vice Presidential Debate

Mike Pence, Tim Kaine face off, moderated by Elaine Quijano

5 Minutes in;
Pence and Kaine enter to applause from the crowd.
Quijano welcomes them, and begins the 9 planned sections.

“What are your qualities, skills and temperaments that will allow you to step into the role of Vice President?”


Tim Kaine wins the toss, begins speaking. “We Trust Hillary Clinton, and Trump scares us to death”.

Mike Pence “War on coal, failing Obama care, 7.5 years of bad management.” thanks Donald Trump. 

“I would hope that if elected, I would bring a lifetime of experience, of growing up in a small town, serving in the congress and as a governor. Pray that I would meet that moment with a lifetime of experience” – Pence


Quijano – “Why do you trust Hillary Clinton?”

Kaine “Trump built his campaign on the backs of the Little Guy” – it is painful to go back to the racist olden days of the United States.

Quijano – “Why do so many americans think that Trump is not trustworthy?”

Pence “The middle east is spinning out of control, because of Hillary Clinton.” “Russia is newly emboldened”

Quijano – “Please answer the question”

Pence – “Trump has amazing business acumen, and built his business from nowhere. Hillary is not trustworthy.” – starting to repeat GOP speaking points.

Kaine – “Did you know when Hillary started, Osama bin Laden was still alive?” “She wiped him off the face of the earth, helped reduce the Russian Chemical Weapons stockpiles and the Iranian Nuclear Program.”

Pence – “Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton let Isis overrun Iraq”

Quijano – “Lets turn to the issue of the Economy, will adding more debt be disastrous for our economy?”

Pence touts his economic know-how, and says that Kaine cannot manage budgets. “He’s a very fitting running mate for Hillary, as he stifles families and corporations. They advocate a trillion dollars in tax increases.” “Donald and I have a plan” “just the way it worked in the 80’s, and the 60’s by lowering taxes. Ending the War on Coal which is hurting families. Repealing Obama Care and ALL executive orders that Obama stifled the economy with.”

Kaine “Hillary and I have a plan, called ‘you’re Hired plan'” “debt free college and tuition free for poorer families, raising the minimum wage, and paying women equal. Promote small business growth, tax relief to those who need it. Increasing tax to those who have the most. Donald’s plan is what we call “You’re Fired”.

Quijano – “Mr Trump has avoided tax for many years, and claimed he did not have to”

Pence – repeats same talking points.

Quijano – “the question was, does it seem fair to you?”

Pence – “Donald Trump is a business man, Hillary and Mike are public servants”

Kaine – “Why won’t he release them then?”

Pence “Trump went through a very difficult time and used the tax code brilliantly – he’s created millions of…”

Kaine “How do you know that?”

Pence – Donald Trump Donald Trump Job Creator blah.

Kaine – “Trump has broken his first promise, to release his tax returns.  He Must release them to the american public.”

Pence – “he will release them when the audit is over.”

Quijano “please gentlemen, please stop talking over each other.” “When the social security trust funds run out of money, your own benefits will be cut. What would your administration do to protect this cut?”

Kaine – We will keep it solid, so that when you retire you have something to retire with. We will never, ever engage in a risky scheme to privatise social security. Trump thinks that it is.

Pence – We will cut taxes.

Quijano – “Do we ask too much of police officers in this country?”

Kaine – as a mayor and a governor, in my experience you make communities safer using bonds of understanding. Militarisation does not work. Stop and frisk does not work.

Pence – “My uncle was a cop. On the beat in downtown Chicago, he was my hero growing up” “at the risk of agreeing with you, community policing does work. We want them to have the resources to restore law and order” “we must stop demonising the police, and smearing them. A black police officer was involved in a shooting which claimed the life of Keith Lamont Scott and Hillary used it as a political tool.”

Kaine – you’ll never solve the issue if you don’t ask questions. “Those who say we should not be able to bring up bias, mean that we can never solve the problems” ”

Pence – brings race into the issue.

Quijano – “What would you say to Senator Scott who has been pulled over ridiculous amounts of times?”

Pence – we need stronger leadership, and stop and frisk.

Quijano – “this is about senator scott”

Kaine – cites several incidents of Donald Trump’s shocking racism

Quijano – “What about the illegal immigrants who have not committed any crimes?”

Pence- “criminal aliens” “Donald Trump has a plan!” “avalanche of insults from Senator Kaine”  “if Donald Trump had said all these things, he doesn’t have a fraction of the insults that Hillary said when we were irredeemable deporable people, and smeared millons of americans”

Kaine – “When has Donald apologised? To McCain, to Women (Pence interrupts, Quijano shuts him down) did he apologise to Obama? You will look in vain to see Donald Trump apologise for anything at all.”
“I cannot believe that Gov. Pence supports a deportation of 16 million people”

Pence – We must build a wall, underground and in the air, and stop the criminal aliens.
“we will strenghten ICE, and once we deport the criminals we will reform the immigration system of this country, border security, upholding the law.”

Kaine “just watch the tape, see what Donald Trump has said.” “when he calls a judge unqualified because his parents are Mexican, how can you defend him?”



Quijano – “Has the terrorist threat decreased, or increased?”

Kaine – “Hillary has been part of the national security team for many years, was part of the team that killed Osama bin Laden, and will disrupt ISIL in every possible way.”

Donald Trump can’t even win a twitter war, how will he take on ISIL? He trash talks the military and has no plan at all, he does not respect the generals, NATO, Israel and other allies. He loves dictators. Last and most dangerously, Donald Trump beleives that the world will be safer with more nuclear weapons.”

Pence mocks Kaine for preparing his debate, much like Trump in the last garbage fire debate. “I saw the clouds of dust from 9/11” “our primary threat today is ISIS” “Hillary is at fault, she wasted our gains against ISIS”

“our gains have been squandered thanks to the current administration, and the iranian deal did not help at all. It didn’t stop the nuclear program.”

Quijano – “What about more recent, home grown attacks? What specific tools will you use to prevent these?”

Pence – “Extreme Vetting” “Suspending the Syrian Refugee program.”

Quijano “This is about home grown terrorism please”

Kaine – “We will keep dangerous people out, not discriminate by nation, or religion. We will not discriminate; focus upon danger not origin.”

Pence – “Syrian refugees perpetrated the Paris attacks, ”

Kaine – “just to be clear, Hillary and I Will vet refugees, but not by religion or nation”

Quijano – “how can we identify lone wolves, or people with no connection to known terrorist groups?

Kaine – we must gather intel, and share it with our allies. We need alliances.

Pence – “cyber warfare is a new front.” “It is important in this moment to remember that Hillary had a private email server”

Quijano – “I want to talk about the tragedy of Syria” “Please, Governor, Gentlemen PLEASE.” 250,000 civilians are under seige. Do we have a responsibility to protect them?

Pence – “Hillary’s priority was the Russian reset. Putin is dictating terms to the USA now.” We must be stronger against Vladimir Putin, rebuild the military, and be able to beat the Russians and the Chinese”

Russia’s provocations must stop, the USA must strike military targets of the Assad Regime. When Trump becomes president, they will know our might.

Kaine – Trump has ties to Putin. Trump made the odd claim that “Putin is a greater leader than Obama”

On 9/11 Hillary and Donald’s home towns were attacked. Donald Trump was fighting taxes while Hillary was supporting troops, preparing a response.

Quijano – “Where would you propose setting up a safe zone, a NFZ? and how do you propose keeping it safe?”

Pence deflects, will not answer.

Quijano “gentlemen, please. We will get to Russia later on”

Pence keeps speaking about Russia.

Quijano – “how do you propose making safe zones safe?”

Pence and Kaine talk over each other.

Kaine is against nuclear proliferation, Pence claims this is a low blow.

Pence – “the united states, let me go back to this Iran thing. He keeps saying that Hillary…””

Kaine – “the Israeli chiefs of staff would agree…”

Pence – “you boycotted the speech, what the Iran deal did was..” “we moved forward the toughest sanctions ever on Iran”

Kaine – “6 times tonight, I have asked pence how he can defend Donald’s Positions.”


Quijano “Gentlemen, Russia. Crimea annexation. What steps, if any would your administation take to combat these moves?”

Kaine – “Both Pence and Trump have praised Putin.”

Pence – “no no”

Kaine – “Donald Trump did not recall that Russia had invaded Crimea. He had to be reminded, two years after the fact” “He praises Putin, constantly”

Pence – “I am trying to keep up with the insults”
Kaine – “they are facts”
Pence – “this is the alternative universe of Washington D.C. vs Reality”

Pence “Donald trump knew that Crimea was invaded, and it was Hillary’s fault”

“The leading state sponsor of terror, Iran is emboldened now, thanks to Hillary” “Syria is imploding, ISIS is headquartered in Raqqa and has overrun vast areas in Iraq” “We paid 400m in ransom to the Iranian Mullah’s” – Pence

Quijano – “Why would Putin respect Trump?”

Pence “Strength” “America is stronger than Russia

Kaine – “Trump praised Putin”

Pence “No he didn’t”

Kaine – “If you equate leadership with a dictatorship, you should not be in power.”


Quijano “What went wrong with the Russia Reset?”

Kaine – Hillary worked with them, but it is hard to work with dictators. She is trying to work with them, negotiating tough deals, and does not praise Putin as a great leader.


Quijano “What about North Korea, and Iran’s nuclear ambitions?”

Pence – “A stronger military, more nuclear weapons. Pressure upon NK and Iran.” “Russia won’t invade anyone else, and China will stop their land grabs too.” “Peace, through strength” Hillary accepts foreign donations! “Thanks to the AP, we found that more than half her private meetings were given to foreign donors”

Quijano “please, your time is up”

Kaine – “The Clinton Foundation is one of the most highest rated charities in the world.” “Higher than the Red Cross.” the Trump foundation, on the other hand, is putting money into Donald’s pockets, and has an octopus-like structure. His foundation was just fined for illegally contributing foundation dollars.

Quijano “you have 30 seconds, a reminder that this is supposed to be about North Korea”

Pence – wastes his 30 seconds, tries to talk over Quijano.

Quijano “What about an imminent threat from North Korea?”

Kaine – “China often vetoes our efforts at the UN, but now are even supporting the sanctions we are bringing up as they are worried, too about north korea’s ambitions. “I worry that Donald Trump owes a lot of money to China, and may have a conflict of interest there…”

Quijano – “how has faith conflicted with your public policies?”

Kaine – “Quite easily, I am a faithful man, worked with missionaries in Honduras and I try to practice my religion in a devout way, in my personal life. As a nation we have a right to worship any religion though. The hardest struggle for me is that the Catholic Church is against the death penalty, and I had to grapple with that when running for govenor of Virginia.”It was difficult to allow executions to take place, but I had to uphold the law. We cannot substitute our religious views onto the rest of society.

Pence – “my faith became real in college. With my wife at my side, we followed a calling in the public service” “tried to keep our values”     I struggle with the sanctity of life, the ancient principle where god says you were formed in the womb. For the first time in my life I stand for the sanctity of life, we want non abortion alternatives and are pro adoption. Pro Life should mean pro adoption.

Kaine – Both of us are faithful, but believe we should live fully, and it is not the rule of a public servant to mandate their faith over the public. We support Roe vs Wade.

We do not want to “punish women” as Donald Trump has said. Pence is against Roe Vs Wade. The last thing, the very last thing the government should do is to have laws that punish women for their choices.

Pence “he didn’t say that”

Kaine – “yes he did” “He is showing you who he truly is”

Pence – “You whipped out that mexican thing again, there are criminal aliens in our country who are committing crimes!” “we must create a culture of life, pro life, young people are embracing…” “lets welcome the children into our world!” “lets improve adoption so that families that have none can adopt.”

Kaine – “Why don’t you trust women to make this choice for themselves?!”

Pence- “Because a society can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerabe, the unborn. “Donald Trump is a pro life candidate.”


Quijano – How will you unify the country?

Kaine – “Hillary has a good track record helping all of society, and working with the GOP when it benefits the USA”
Pence – “Thanks for a great discussion tonight. This is a very challenging time in the life of our nation. The leadership of Hillary and Barack Obama on the world stage has been…” Trails off about ObamaCare, and the “War on Coal”

It will take leadership, rebuilding our military and respect in the world.”Donald Trump is about building, through smarts and ingenuity, he wants to Make america great again. “the american people will stand tall, stand together and will have the kind of unity that has been missing so long”




Quijano thanks the candidates, the next Presidential debate will be in St. Louis.


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