Gucci Mane – Everybody Looking – Music review

Just a week before his next release!

Metacritic Score – 71/100

Time to get in a review, from the last few months listening to it; lets go.

Many of the lyrics were written while Gucci Mane served time, and they were quickly turned into this awesome album. As a long term listener, this is definitely up there in his top album list.

Mike Will Made It and Gucci collaborated in Gucci’s home studio, and in six days they created quite a masterpiece.  Genesis 2:2; And on the seventh day, they rested. For a bit, then started shooting video clips and preparing Woptober for the 17th of October.

There are at least 8 video clips/ Single releases so far.

Zaytoven the producer features heavily too, as Gucci Mane and Zaytoven have worked together so often; “I’d rather rap a Zay track than a Dre Track” ..

I have enjoyed this album many times over and can give a decent review rather than a quick first listen first pass.

  1. No Sleep: Nice strings and piano, heavy sub bass and thumping bass drum beat. terrific hook, tight song; extremely catchy too.
  2. Out Do Ya: the hook sums it up, “how do you let someone in federal prison out do you?!” Gucci Mane is incredulous that anyone can let him beat them, and he has been in prison and rehab for much longer than Meek Mill has been talking DreamCatcher 4.
  3. Back On Road: Drake feature, one of the only non Zaytoven and Mike Will tracks on the disc. Not my favourite song, but it is not a “skipper” – I enjoy it and it is growing on me
  4. Waybach: One of my favourite songs on the album, apart from track 1, 6, 7 and 11. The video clip features a “Waybach” S600, and the hook is terrific. “This white on white Maybach, I call it payback.” and the hilarious not-really-attacking Dre but praising Zaytoven line. This is sampled in a later track too.
  5. Pussy Print – Ft. Kanye West: I am not a fan of Kanye but he manages to copy Gucci’s flow and you can almost pretend he’s not featuring on this song. Not my favourite, but listenable. I would like a “Kanye-free” edit of this song and it’d get bumped up a star or two on my ratings. “I only featured Kanye cause we both some fucking Narcissists”
  6. Pop Music: Carrying on the recent trend where “Pop” does not refer to Popular /pop-music.. It means popping off guns. Drake started it on Views, and the beat is dark, menacing and very snappy. One of my favourite songs on the disc, and very hard to not nod along to it. “Rappers having conventions on how to stop Gucci”
  7. Guwop Home – Ft. Young Thug: On first few listens, this song didn’t really “click” – after a few listens though it starts to grow on you. “In blue flame, yeah the trap god throwing green rain, Nice guy, mean chain, pull up in a cream Range” 
  8. Gucci Please: Written from the perspective of a fan/ someone that loves Gucci, “tell me that you love me, tell me, tell me, Gucci Please” Mike Will produced, snappy, catchy beat.
  9. Robbed: Zaytoven produced, not one of my favourite songs though.. Not terrible, not too memorable either.
  10. Richest In the Room: Very similar to Waybach, like a companion song/aside to Waybach. Similar sort of feel. – Even features the sample/same line “I’d rather rap a Zay track than a Dre Track”
  11. 1st Day out the Feds: This song came out first, I think I drove my wife a little insane that evening, played it on repeat from about 8pm til 2am. Had some harsh words for me in the morning… It is terrific, a celebration of his freedom. The video clip is great, making fun of the Clone Rumours, and celebrating his release from Federal Prison. Listening to the song Right Now, it’s that good.
  12. At Least a M: A “fun” sort of beat, light, happy sound. If your associates don’t have at least a Million, Gucci is not going to associate with you. A lot of word play on letters and acronyms in the lyrics.
  13. All My Children: “All of these rappers, are all my children” – Gucci is better than all his “children”. Chill, slow beat; the only Drumma Boy produced track on this album. Strange as both do work together a lot, but possibly schedules clashed. Good song.
  14. Pick up the Pieces: “I’m the T. R. A. P. G. O. D.” The final track if you do not have the bonus version, nice minor piano chords… Thumping bass too. Nice Tom Tom cascades too.
  15. Multi Millonaire LaFlare: Distorted / treble synth kicks off this bonus track, high pass filter and a subtle bass at the beginning… Ha before checking, I was about to say it sounds very 808 mafia – and I see that Southside has done the track. Terrific Southside style, blending electro instruments that you’d usually hear on house or dance and rave music, sinister piano into a great trap beat.

Either 14 or 15 serve as great final tracks, though I’d want the full version myself too.

A great album, and I expect to be still listening to this in a year, unless Gucci Mane manages to release over 200GB or more than Apple Music/ my phone can store. Which is not completely impossible, given his extreme work ethic and musical output.

How can anyone possibly out do him?

Two singles/songs from Woptober has been released already, expect more to come in the next week, clips are out for both.


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