Donald Trump is the largest threat to the national security of the United States

Donald Trump must be stopped.

Donald Trump no longer respects democracy, or the will of the U.S. Public and their right to vote.

His performance at the debate was punctuated by bizarre behavior as usual, the standard “wrong” into the microphone, interrupting the moderator and other speaker, shocking assumptions that “all Syrian refugees are probably ISIS aligned” amongst other bizarre new phrases like “You are the puppet” (of Putin), and that Hillary is “Such a nasty woman”.

He also claimed that he will revoke Roe v. Wade, and made more inaccurate claims about ‘9 month old babies being snatched out of their wombs’.

Hillary Clinton reminded the audience that he had mocked a disabled reporter (Trump interrupts “wrong!”) even though there is actual video footage of said incident, that he had questioned the motives of the parents of the heroic Humayan Khan who sacrificed himself to save other soldiers lives in 2004, and how he had questioned the impartiality of a Judge who was of Mexican descent as if that would make him rule one way or another.

img_0179Can the United States survive the destruction of one of their core values?

During the third and final Presidential debate of 2016, Donald Trump made a horrific statement. The moderator asked both candidates if they would accept the result of the election; Hillary Clinton wholeheartedly agreed, whilst Donald said something that sent the USA and the rest of the world reeling, even by his shockingly low standards and expectations of his ability…

“I will look at it at the time”, “I will keep you in suspense.”  – Donald Trump, about accepting the 2016 Election Result

Robber Barons, Lobby Groups and other conspirators have long tried to fight against the democratic aspirations of the United States. For about 240 years the United States has had free, and fair elections and the fact that Donald Trump believes the system is somehow “rigged” shows the depths of his ignorance and dangerous stupidity. His claims to “know the constitution well” are proven to be yet another lie. 

George Washington, March 20, 1797 by Gilbert Stuart Williamstown

“The presidential election in 1789 was quite different than today’s presidential elections. No women, African-Americans or Native Americans were allowed to vote. Only white men who owned property were considered legal voters.”

We cannot afford 4 years of a dangerous, dictator worshipping demagogue to shred the foundations of the United States.

Hillary Clinton may not be the perfect candidate, she is a thousand times more suitable as a President, human being and she has promised to accept the results of the election.

The GOP cannot possibly keep this man as their client, unfortunately it may already be too late to cancel this “Trump Train”.

If the Republicans do not have a failsafe mechanism, there must be another way to stop this clear and present danger to the United States.

This must occur immediately, there is no time to waste.

Donald Trump is the largest threat to the national security of the United States, and must be stopped right now.


1: Politico: First U.S. Presidential Election on Jan. 7, 1789:


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