Roy Cohn – The men who made Donald Trump; ongoing series

A man is known by the company he keeps.

Proverbs 13:20: “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”

Roy Marcus Cohn was born in 1927, educated one of the best private schools in NYC and entered the Colombia Law School at age 21, and lived at home with his parents until he was 42 years old, when his mother died.

Roy Marcus Cohn

He used his connections to become an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Manhattan.

In 1951, Roy Cohn led the prosecution of the Soviet Union spies — Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. This impressed Joseph McCarthy and he was chosen over Robert Kennedy as his chief legal counsel for the McCarthy hearings.

Both McCarthy and Cohn were “accused of being homosexual” at times, McCarthy stopped the rumours by quickly marrying his secretary.

Roger Stone “Roy was not gay. He was a man who liked having sex with men. Gays were weak, effeminate. He always seemed to have these young blond boys around. It just wasn’t discussed. He was interested in power and access.”

There are many accounts of Roy Cohn being seen with underage or “very young” boys, naked at parties and events with New York high society parties. Donald Trump and many powerful people were at these parties, sometimes at the infamous “Le Club” or Studio 54, other times at private hotels to keep out prying eyes and police.

Many years later Cohn boasted that he, himself had organised for Judge Kaufman and Irving Saypol to be Prosecutor in the Rosenberg trial; and apply the death penalty.


Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, 1951

After pair were executed, and since that date the case has been reexamined, and the trial called “a political frame-up” and marred by clear judicial and legal improprieties.

Jean-Paul Sartre “a legal lynching which smears with blood a whole nation. By killing the Rosenbergs, you have quite simply tried to halt the progress of science by human sacrifice. Magic, witch-hunts, autos-da-fé, sacrifices — we are here getting to the point: your country is sick with fear … you are afraid of the shadow of your own bomb.”

On the hundred-year anniversary of Ethel Rosenberg, 11 members of the New York City Council issued a proclamation stating “the government wrongfully executed Ethel Rosenberg” and declared the 28th the “Ethel Rosenberg Day of Justice in the Borough of Manhattan”.

For the next 30 years he worked as one of the most powerful attorneys in NYC. He defended mafioso such as John Gotti, also Donald Trump and Tony Salerno. Many say he shaped the young Donald Trump, and much of Donald’s mannerisms, tactics and even taste in cars and lifestyle stem from this relationship. People that knew Roy Cohn say that they can “hear him speak” through Donald Trump today.


Cohn by Neal Boenzi/The New York Times

During the 1970s Cohn was accused many times of improper prosecution techniques, and three Federal Investigations of professional misconduct; he was found not guilty.

Cohn, 1979 — “My idea of real power is not people who hold office. They’re here today and gone tomorrow. Power means the ability to get things done. It stems from friendship in my case.”

In 1986 he was disbarred after lying on a bar application. One month later, on the 2nd of August he died; most now say it was AIDS though he was adamant he had liver problems, Cohn was one of the first patients to be treated with AZT:(a fairly common first line treatment for AIDS.)

Roger Stone — Cohn’s “absolute goal was to die completely broke and owing millions to the IRS. He succeeded in that.”

One square of the AIDS-memorial quilt reads: “Roy Cohn: Bully, Coward, Victim.


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