Roger Ailes — The men who made Donald Trump; ongoing series

A man is known by the company he keeps.

“If you have two guys on a stage and one guy says, ‘I have a solution to the Middle East problem,’ and the other guy falls in the orchestra pit, who do you think is going to be on the evening news?”

Roger Ailes was born in Warren, Ohio and started out as a Television producer, then moving into politics when Richard Nixon hired him to help with his image, to make the gruff Nixon seem more appealing to potential voters. He continued to work on the conservative side, for Reagan, Bush Senior and finally consulting (coaching, speech writing) behind the scenes for Barbara and George H.W. Bush during their 1992 campaign.

In October 1996 Roger became the CEO of Fox News, in partnership with Rupert Murdoch. For the past 20 years they have been accused of being biased, and pro Republican.

The channel at the beginning was almost a direct mouthpiece of the GOP, and the military industrial complex; their ratings, and profit depended on war, every time there is a major conflict their ratings spike. War or conflict, and terrorism is in Fox News’ interest and they profit directly from it…

In the analytical and illuminating book “Bush at War” by Bob Woodward, the letter that Ailes wrote to George W Bush soon after the September 11 terrorist attacks was revealed; Ailes was angered and said;

“Woodward got it all screwed up, as usual”

Possibly angered by Woodward’s previous, brilliant work covering the Watergate scandal that sunk his old colleague and friend Nixon’s presidency.

According to Woodward it read something like:

“The American publicwould tolerate waiting and would be patient, but only as long as they were convinced that Bush was using the harshest measures possible. Support would dissipate if the public did not see Bush acting harshly.”

He has been accused of anti-Semitism, and once had written an apology to the ADL for the conduct of Glenn Beck under his command.

Up until 2014 he was regarded as a right wing advisor and expert in media, though his reputation is tarnished and he has lost his position at Fox News since the revelations of his sexual misconduct continuously flow; two days ago one of Fox News’ main anchors Megyn Kelly reports that in 2006 he “crossed a line”, he had previously been inappropriate though in January of that year he sexually assaulted her, forcefully kissing (sounds familiar) repeatedly and hinting that she may be let off her contract if she did not submit to his sexual advances. Many of the female reporters and workers at the Fox News organisation have similar complaints against him, and in July of 2016 he resigned from Fox News, receiving a 40 million dollar payout from them. He has paid at least 20 million of that to three victims, in exchange for their silence. The survivors of his sexual assaults are coming forward now, nowhere near Donald Trump in count-of-accusations though eerily similar accounts as the allegations brought against Donald.

Now back into politics, but with a non-friendly image and shameful name, he works “out the back” where the public eye does not judge as much. He had been advising Donald Trump’s campaign, and tried desperately to coach Donald for the now notoriously bad Presidential Debates; apparently so frustrated with Donald’s performance that he could not handle him any more. The Trump campaign denies this, but it is fairly evident to anyone that viewed the 3 surreal debates that Ailes is telling the truth here.

“Trump couldn’t focus — surprise, surprise, advising him was a waste of time. These debate prep sessions weren’t going anywhere”

2 Bad Rogers

Roger Ailes is not the only “Bad Roger” in his life and advisory council, my next piece will be on Roger Stone.

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