Kanye West cancels Saint Pablo tour, is hospitalised.

After acting erratically, praising Donald Trump and not performing fully for the final 3 shows

For the past two concerts that Kanye West performed at, his fans were sorely disappointed, taking their complaints to social media.

The first “ruined concert” was a hint that something is not right… Kanye had gone on a rant in the middle of his show, saying that:

Causing the crowd to start booing, chanting the popular YG song “FDT” and then chanting F___ Kayne West after he continued ranting, eventually walking off stage early. The next evening’s show was even worse; apparently he performed “for less time than his wife Kim Kardashian and Ray J on their home movie”.

He ranted for quite some time about all sorts of celebrities, some friends and colleagues and some brands and concepts…

The list is quite long and impressive including Apple, Barack Obama, Beyoncé Knowles, “Change”, DJ Khaled, Donald Trump, Drake, “Fake Truth”, Google, Hillary Clinton, Jay-Z, Mark Zuckerberg, TIDAL and “The Media”

Read the rest at stirlo.space


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