John Glenn dies at age 95

A True American Hero in every manner

John Glenn was the first NASA astronaut to go into Orbit, born in July of 1921 in Ohio, Glenn served in the U.S. Navy, then the Marine Corps.

Fighting in both World War II and the Korean War, he applied as a test pilot for the Air Force which led him to pilot for NASA. In 1962 he was the third American to reach space, and became a national hero when his journey was broadcast to the world.

“little specks, brilliant specks, floating around outside the capsule.” — John Glenn when first in orbit

When he returned to earth he was honoured by John F. Kennedy with a parade, and contributed to helping the United States “win” the space-race in many ways.

He went into politics in 1964, in his home state of Ohio. Falling during his campaign, he withdrew, but came back 10 years later to win and serve as a Senator for Ohio until 1999, running for the democratic nomination in 1984 for President though coming second to Walter Mondale.

Read more at Stirlo.Space


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